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Lyon Part-Dieu


Lyon Part-Dieu

The new emblem of Lyon. Located in the heart of the Part-Dieu district, the Incity Tower is not juste a new tower in Lyon, it is a landmark. Committed to sustainability, the Incity Tower demonstrates the full potential of a sustainable commercial construction. This remarkable building is characterized by its exceptional dimensions, the simple elegance of its architecture and the intelligence of its bioclimatic design, making it the number one Low Energy Building and BREEAM Excellent tower in France.

Its visionary vertical circulations, its offices lit with 90 % of natural light, its shared floors and its modulare and flexible work spaces are all aspects that will definitively contribute to the comfort of life of its occupants (less than 83 kWh/m²/year of primary energy).

Its exceptional location in France's second business district only steps from the city center along with its unparalleled accessibility thanks to its proximity to the Lyon Part-Dieu train station and its public transport hub give it many advantages.

The CERA (Caisse d'Epargne Rhône-Alpes) acquired the entire tower. Nineteen floors of the Incity Tower are rented by the SNCF and some of its directorates. The CERA occupies the other levels.

With the Incity Tower, the next generation of city center high-rise buildings has been born.


200 m high

39 floors

40,000 m of office space with High Environmental Quality certification, Low Energy Building certification and a BREEAM assessment of Excellent

Delivered in 2015
Investor: CERA
Architects: VALODE & PISTRE/AIA Architectes

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