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Cie. Foncière du St Gothard
Cie. Foncière Franco-Suisse
Cie. Financière du Grimsel

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Who we are

Design and develop your real estate projects

Develop your current and future assets

Optimize the use of your real estate assets

Sogelym Dixence - Financing


  • CFSG : Compagnie Foncière du Saint-Gothard
  • CFFS : Compagnie Foncière Franco-Suisse
  • CFG : Compagnie Financière du Grimsel


Designing relevant real estate solutions

For more than 20 years, the Condamin family and the Cantonal Bank of Geneva have worked together on investment vehicles. These structures with high-performing and family values provide the SOGELYM DIXENCE Group with:

Upstream positioning with regard to local authorities for the development of high potential urban areas
Flexibility and reactivity to seize opportunities and support complex projects
Means to effectively provide answers to our clients’ demands and problems
Acquisitions of a majority stake in Swiss companies in order to promote synergies with professions related to the real estate industry

To date, and via these structures, we have financed more than 600,000 m² of commercial real estate in Paris and Lyon and invested more than 1.5 billion euros.

Sogelym Dixence - Project Management

Project Management

Sogelym Dixence
Suisse S.A.

Project Management

       Customized management of your project

Our organization is based on a simple principle that benefits all our clients: for each job, we create a dedicated team and assign you a single contact person who is present at your side for the duration of the project from its development to its construction and until its delivery and commissioning. Costs, deadlines, quality: every aspect is controlled.

Our philosophy has not changed since the beginning : we place the user at the center of our thought process. Each commercial building has a double strategic dimension for us that is both economic and social: it must be a powerful lever for creating value that boosts operational and financial performance, but also a key aspect in the quality of life of its users.

Thanks to our complentary areas of expertise, we can work with you in five different ways :

  • Real estate development of your project from A to Z
  • Real estate development contract
  • Primary contractor
  • Delegated project management
  • Project management assistance
Sogelym Dixence - Corporate Real Estate

Corporate Real Estate




Corporate Real Estate

Investment, Faciliy & Property Management

The acquisition, design, production and management of our properties are led by a team of experienced professionals and leading partners.

Our management company, Sogelym Dixence Investment Management, integrates this know-how in search for opportunities, financing, execution, and management, to support you in your investment strategy. 

For more than 20 years now, Sogelym Dixence Property Management's teams, experienced in the management of complex projects, have focused their expertise mainly on three businesses: building management, portfolio management, and co-ownership trustee.

Finally, our subsidiary Tech Building SA, based in Geneva, is a key player whose core business is based on the construction of building energy infrastructures and associated operating services.

As an investor, developer and operator, Sogelym Dixence masters the cycles on the value creation chain of the real estate business to meet the challenges of its customers. Thus, Sogelym Dixence values and guarantees with its subsidiaries, the reliability and sustainability of the real estate complexes that the group develops.