Sogelym Dixence - Maison des Avocats

Maison des Avocats

Paris Batignolles

Maison des Avocats

Paris Batignolles


An exceptional architectural signature


 Fostering dialog between transparency and light.

Located at the foof of the new courthouse, in the middle of the new judicial precinct in Paris Batignolles, the "Maison des Avocats" will now the the headquarters of the bar association's departements and the CARPA (lawyer's pecuniary payment fund).

The building will include in particular a 100-seat auditorium, an agora and many areas that will promot exchanges between the departments of the bar association and the lawyers of the Paris bar. Sogelym Dixence had to to figure out how to make the technical and environmental constraints of the site a strong part of its identity : the building has to straddle the tunnel of suway linge 13 and hang over the new works carried out by the RATP to enable access to line 14. The extremity of the building will therefore ba cantilevered over a distance of more than 25 meters.

In perfect architectural harmony with the new courthouse, the building will have a façade essentially made of glass, symbolizing the justice system's duty of transparency

7,000 m² of office space

Delivery : 2019

Architect: Renzo Piano Building Workshop (RPBW)

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