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La Plaine Stade de France

Inventing a new vision of urban planning


Sogelym Dixence is proud that it has been a major player in the development of the Plaine Saint-Denis area for many years. The Group has developed more than 200,000 m² of commercial buildings there in partnership with the local authorities. Its new project, Moods, is ideally located at the foot ot the RER B station La Plaine - Stade de France, the extension of the tramway and the future Grand Paris Express train station.

With very high architectural quality and beautiful glass façades on both sides, the building will be decorated on the RER track site with a luminous work of art created by the artist François Morellet. As poetic as it is geometric, "Passe Temps" will change with the weather conditions, hence the name "Moods" that has been given to the building.

In addition to this, the organization of the building will be distinctive, as it has been designed to provide users with well-being and comfort through dining, co-working spaces and customized services (fitness center, concierge service, auditorium).

The environment wil be airy and luminous with a tree-shaded interior patio, and walkaways facilitated by a gallery that connects the hall, departments and green areas or even the terraces and balconies that are accessible on each floor with the panoramic view over all of Paris.

Sogelym Dixence, in partnershiip with Européquipements, has designed this large project in line with the dynamics of the Plaine Commune, and is making this site a new oasis of life in the urban landscape.





30.000 m² of offices with NF Bâtiment Tertiaire Neuf (French standard for new tertiary buildings) High Environmental Quality assessment of Excellent, BREEAM assessment of Very Good and Effinergie+ certification

Delivery : 2019

Investor : AVIVA Investors Real Estate France

Architect : Valode & Pistre


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